Innovative Technology Advisors LLC is a Chicago based energy firm that delivers customized solutions to our clients.

Companies exploring energy solutions are faced with many choices when choosing to upgrade. Innovative Technology Advisors guides clients through this process by determining areas that have the best ROI and then providing vetted products and services to meet the client’s needs.

Our services include, but are not limited to: LED lighting upgrades and auditing, Biomatrix Water products, HVAC upgrades, as well as a range of specific energy storage and generation products.


Innovative Technology Advisors principals have over 20 years of business development and political experience at the state and national level, which enables us to target virtually any market, navigate it and leverage our relationships to connect innovative start-up companies with clients, while also serving as a distributor network for their goods and services.

Innovative Technology Advisors understands the barriers to entry that emerging companies face as they attempt broad implementation of their technologies and our customized menu of services allows you to maximize your strengths, penetrate new markets and provide sustained growth for your venture.