ITA was formed to connect small and medium size innovative environmental companies to potential customers in the public and private sector, leveraging its understanding of local markets in order to connect these innovative start-up companies with future clients, acting as a distributor of the products and services of these companies. 


With ITA, energy efficient solutions and an improved bottom-line are not mutually exclusive. Our responsibility is to add value with environmentally friendly solutions, not at the expense of them. At ITA, we deliver practical green solutions.

Innovative Technology Advisors believes that energy efficient solutions should yield more than just good PR - they should deliver a quantifiable result. So, there are many products that, intriguing as they are, we will not offer. 

ITA has a broad based understanding of various environmental companies and the needs of their clients. In addition, the founders have an extensive network of potential buyers in both the public and private sectors.


Dr. Steven DeAngeles:

Dr. DeAngeles has a successful career as an internist in Chicago where he still practices. Having made his mark by pioneering new trends in healthcare, he brings his skills to energy efficiency and environmental causes. Dr. DeAngeles also holds 4 innovative energy storage patents.

 Lane Imberman:

Lane Imberman is the Vice President of Business Development at Innovative Technology Advisors. Lane spent his early career in management consulting, with a focus on customizing productivity improvement plans for manufacturers. 

Competitive Advantage

Innovative Technology Advisors invests substantial time and resources to ensure we offer clients the most advanced products. We do not maintain exclusivity with any one particular brand, so when we provide solutions to our clients, they know that they are getting the best product tailored to their needs.

Our successful track record with manufacturers, commercial and residential real-estate, and non-for-profit institutions means Innovative Technology Advisors brings the necessary experience to find solutions for a broad spectrum of clients.